Nick Oliveri has had a long career, from playing bass in desert rock legends Kyuss to being Josh Homme’s right hand man in Queens of the Stone Age until being kicked out in 2004. The list doesn’t end there though, he’s kept OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhimself busy, collaborating with a variety acts including The Dwarves, B*L*A*S*T, Masters of Reality, Turbonegro, Slash and Mark Lanegan. He also fronts his own band, Mondo Generator and has released several acoustic albums, so it’s obvious Oliveri is no stranger to the gigging circuit. He is currently touring the world under his own brand of acoustic music, suitably named “Death Acoustic”. He played The Voodoo Lounge in Dublin last night and it was definitely an interesting sight to see.

The opening band was Mother Mooch, they started at 8pm and played for about 45 minutes. Their heavy, sludgy sound was a suitable choice considering Oliveri’s roots in Kyuss. They had some good songs (especially towards the end of their set), but I can’t help but shake the feeling that they could’ve been a bit more enthusiastic, one member didn’t even face the crowd for a good portion of the set. If they worked on their live show and presence, I think they could become a really exciting band.

Soon after Mother Mooch had finished, Oliveri took to the stage, immediately recognisable by his bald head and big beard. Oliveri’s long discography came
in handy during the set, he played songs from throughout his discography as e386d7fe315c30b491be1daadb24bd23well as covers and telling stories and jokes. The Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss songs seemed to be the biggest crowd pleasers but members of the audience were shouting out requests for the more obscure tunes in his back catalog.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is how Oliveri didn’t tone down any of his set for the stripped back acoustic sound, he screamed his head off for songs like Queen’s “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” (during which he invited the crowd onstage and graciously accepted a shot from someone) and Kyuss’ “Love Has Passed Me By”. It was a punk rock show by an out and out punk rocker.

Despite saying he planned on going offstage and coming back on for an encore, the crowds enthusiasm kept him playing songs instead, even taking requests for the final few numbers before thanking the audience again for coming out. As a big fan of Oliveri, this was a great chance to see him play in an intimate setting. To fans, this show is a must see, but to those who only have a passing interest, this isn’t the type of acoustic show you’d classify as easy listening. – BILL WHITE for