Podcast Episode #43: NICK OLIVERI

It happens all the time.  An artist does an interview, then does another interview, and by the third or fourth story you either see them on television or read about them, it’s the same story rehashed over and over again.  We get it, microphone-iconthere’s business to be done.  They got something to sell, and we be the medium that minute to sell it for them.  They got some great news, and we’re simply here to tell ya all about it.  Well, this week is all about two guys who love hardcore.  No sales gimmick, no ‘keep-your-stick-on-the-ice’ coached banter, this week is all about the love of music.

Dan finds Mr. Everything himself, Nick Oliveri, backstage at Chicago’s Riot Fest, where he is performing with The Dwarves.  Nick currently plays with Nick Oliveri’s Uncontrollable, Mondo Generator, and The Dwarves, and has played with Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, to name just a few.  Like two pals that haven’t seen each other in ages, instead of talking business, these two music junkies talk hardcore – and their serious friggin’ love of that violent music.  While he was out there doing a ‘Dwarves gig, he was setting to head home to get ready for Mondo Generator to take a big swing across the U.S. with Dutch smashers Peter Pan Speedrock.  It’s been a long while since we’ve talked to someone as jacked about their love of music as Nick Oliveri.  And, oh yeah… we kind of get to the bottom of the whole getting naked on stage thing.  It’s a fun interview.  Fats and Dan talk about some great hardcore albums from ‘back-in-the-day’, shitty maggots who steal gear from musicians, and a lively discussion about shows being better now or back then.  If you were hoping for a show about stoner rock or desert rock, check out Episode XL with Mike PygmieRex Everything wanted to talk hardcore, and we’ll always oblige that request.   Check it.

Podcast Episode #43: NICK OLIVERI

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