Podcast Episode #42: ATOM WILLARD of AGAINST ME!

microphone-iconAll drummer jokes aside, our guest this week is a genuine savage of rock.  Atom Willard has drummed for some crazy-wicked bands, such as Rocket From the Crypt (he was friggin’ 16 when he joined and toured with that band), Social Distortion, The Offspring, The Special Goodness, Angels and Airwaves, and his current band, Against Me!.  He and Dan have a great conversation about everything from being a 16-year-old kid touring with a band, to songwriting styles, to drumming with some of the best bands of our time.  Yes, the knock at the door might speed up, or drool may run from one side of his mouth more if the stage isn’t level, but this dude has drummed with some serious rock outfits.  I won’t give it all away here in this blurb, but this is a great chat with one of rock and roll’s best time keepers.  And, if that wasn’t enough, FATS has a great story about “spiking” lasagna in the end zone of a massive football stadium.  Friggin’ Right!  Check it.

Podcast Episode #42: ATOM WILLARD of AGAINST ME!

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