SongoftheDay: FTW by WORLD WAR 4

SongoftheDay: FTW by WORLD WAR 4

Photo by Andrew Carver.  Find more of Andrew's amazing work at
Photo by Andrew Carver. Find more of Andrew’s amazing work at

When it comes to plugging in and unleashing blistering riffage, Blake Jacobs of World War 4 is pound-for-pound the champion in my world.  Oh, I’ve had thepleasure to play some music on stage with this menace of metal, and there’s nothing better than an enthusiastic, smiling hoser that lets flow the river of riffs upon you, making singing in a band so much easier.  Also, when it comes to the genre of crossover, I’ve not met a stronger champion.  Blake sits on his perch a’top Mount Riffington, waiting to strike down with his licks of lore.  Guess what world – World War 4 fucking rule!  And, hey Blake, thanks for all the great tunes all week on SongoftheDay.  Fuck’n Eh Rights! – FATS

(Blake Jacobs has been quaking bowels with his riffage for some 25 years now.  Currently, he can be found bashing skulls with his crossover juggernaut World War 4, as well as the occasional alien landing of Manpower.  For most, he can be found greeting patrons with his wizard smile at the amazing arcade-bar House of TARG in Ottawa, Canada.)