RECIPE: Jonny Manak’s ‘HELVIS MESLEY’ sandwich

Every now and then, we have a guest on the podcast that bends time and space in the same direction we do.  Things just seem to work a bit different in their heads; shit gets bent.  This outward thinking can even happen in the kitchen, and although some foods don’t seem like they can work together at all, you’d be surprised how good the combinations can taste.  When asking Jonny Manak if there is a food he simply cannot live without, he replied that has invented a sandwich that blows his mind every time he eats it.  Well geez, we’d better share it with ya eh? – FATS


2 slices of Sourdough toast
1 Over medium egg
A bacon weave patty (see photo)
Crunchy peanut butter
Cheddar cheese


Slam all that business together and shove’r down your throat.  Personally, I’d put a little hot sauce on that sucker as well.