It was just about this time that I started to sway over to the punk rock side of things.  It was the late 80s, I was still a dedicated thrasher metalhead, loving bands like ‘Maiden and Metallica, but I started to really dig skateboarding.  I 10423662_10153122559466305_1352213444945208180_ncouldn’t keep myself on a board long enough to blink, but I sure as fuck loved watching those psychos smash that half-pipe.  Religiously glued to Much Music (Canada’s attempt at MTV), metal came each day via the Pepsi Power Hour, and when bands like D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies bashed out monster riffs to kids skating, I was friggin’ hooked.  Little did I know at the time, this would be the bridge for me to punk rock.  To this day, that crossover sound is my favorite style of heavy music, mainly because it reminds me so much of those times as a kid.  When I finally got the gumption to get out and see some of this music live, it was bands like Grave Concern that lured me downtown to the shows.  I’m a seriously dusted 40-something dude right now, so recalling if I was at this show or not is a guess at best, but I know I’ve seen Grave Concern and I’ve seen D.R.I. (played with the fuckers once), so maybe my fat self got out to this one.  I know folks that did for sure, and D.R.I. and Grave Concern at the Dom Polski – now that’s a good fucking time. – FATS