NEWS: Dee Snider Pauses Twisted Sister Show to Berate Europe Roadie

Twisted Sister fans who turned out for the band’s appearance at the Barcelona Rock Fest in July were treated to an extra show when frontman Dee Snider took a brief timeout from the set to berate another band’s guitar tech.

As noted at Snider’s official site, and captured in fan-shot video footage, the problem started during the night’s performance of “I Believe In Rock N’ Roll,” during which Snider’s post-solo singalong with the crowd was wrecked by 1426274338noise bleeding in from an adjoining stage. Warning the house crew to “tell those motherf—ers if they don’t cut it out, I’m gonna pull them off the f—ing stage,” he tried getting the song back on track, but quickly decided to take matters into his own hands.

Striding through the stage divider, Snider can be heard confronting the offending roadie, who he discovered was working for the veteran band Europe. “Motherf—ers, stop playing the f—ing guitars,” he demanded. “Put it f—ing down. Put it — motherf—er. Put the guitar f—ing down.”

As Twisted Sister’s crowd continued to cheer, Snider made sure everyone understood the proper pecking order of a multi-band event. “This is my f—ing show. I will s— on your f—ing band’s show,” he warned. “Who in the f— — you’re in Europe? I don’t f—ing s— on their show, you don’t s— on ours. F— You.”

Twisted Sister wrap up their 2015 touring commitments with a set at the Grand Rocktember Music Festival III on Sept. 12, during which other artists’ roadies will presumably be on their best behavior. Please form an orderly line and make all your “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “The Final Countdown” jokes in the comments.