Pal of the podcast ol’ Matt Hutchison and his Self Destructo Records is releasing the debut album from Mike Pygmie‘s new outfit You Know Who.  This party is going down this Friday, September 4 at that wicked pizza parlor of rock, The 11951334_857672524323273_5121179689952108562_nHood in Palm Desert. Expect there to be a few drinks to be had, if that’s your fancy.  Expect some ruckus quaking of your bowels.  Expect a few blistering riffs.  Expect it to be somewhat sweaty.  One minute you’re in the middle of a hardcore set, then you’re thrust back into your comfy smoking chair just as the bong slides into your lap.  Riffs.  Riffs.  Riffs. This is your best bet to get your hands on the CD early, as the record is hitting shelves in October.  Personally, I live on the other end of the friggin’ continent, in a different friggin’ country, and I wish I able to teleport my stoned ass out for this one.  These guys are heavy-as-fuck.  It’s fast, yet it’s groovy at the same time.  No bullshit at all.  It smashes face.  It’s the kind of music that would be even better live.  So much energy.  Do yourself a favor, all you desert flowers, don’t fuck around and make it to this gig.  Get some of their tunes for yourself.  Maybe even buckle back a few greasy spokes of that fantastic pie The Hood offers us.  Fuck, I’d like me some of that pie.  This is definitely the Gig of the Week. Fuck’n Eh Right! – FATS