NEWS: Soungarden Gets Together To Work On New Music

SOUNDGARDEN singer Chris Cornell said recently that the band had started working on material for its next album and he was apparently telling the truth: a photo posted at the group’s Facebook account on Wednesday (September 2), showed the band members in the studio with guitars in hand, with a caption underneath reading, “Working on new material this week.”

Cornell told The Pulse Of Radio last week that SOUNDGARDEN is working on its new music at a “relaxed pace.” The band’s last effort, “King Animal”, came out 11954611_10153511808965600_2095785444439216329_nin November 2012.
Cornell also has a solo tour in the works and told Rolling Stone that he has “several other irons in the fire and things going that I won’t mention now.”

He told The Pulse Of Radio that he thinks it’s good for the band members to spend time on their own projects. “We all bring in our outside-the-band experiences back in, and that doesn’t seem to ever be anything but a good thing,” he said. “It’s great to sort of go out into a different world and come back with new understandings of how to write songs and how to record albums, and also just that sort of palate-clearing of doing something different.”

“Higher Truth”, Cornell’s fourth solo studio album, arrives on September 18 and features the single “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”.

Cornell will begin a solo acoustic tour in support of “Higher Truth” on September 18 in San Diego, winding down on November 4 in Phoenix.