NEWS: Watch Interview with Man Who Saved Delicious Ribs From Burning Apartment. Awesome!

Alright, alright, alright.  There are some news stories that make me happier than others, but this one may be the best of them all.  Most folks following my jibba jabber on this here website know how much I love food.  You don’t get the name FATS without having a right friggin’ passion for the stuff.  I think I might even like food more than I like rock and roll.  Well, when we heard about Mr. Robert Wright of Fresno, California, and his fearless, heroic saving of his precious ribs from a fire, we knew he was our kind of guy.

Fresno Apartment Fire Interview

Apparently, after his apartment complex caught on fire, and first responders were en route, Mr, Wright took it upon himself to dash back into the flames to save his amazing slab of meat; a very beautiful pile of ribs, if I do say so myself.  Now, you might think I’m nuts here, and I think just might be, but the fact that he went into that burning apartment to get his ribs before knowing if his family was safe elevates his status in my eyes.  Okay, go fuck yourself, I know it ain’t right to choose delicious ribs over your kids in this situation, but the kids were safe in the end.  But, sweet-marinaded-pork-products those ribs look friggin’ awesome.  – FATS