Well, it seems Lemmy is the next aging rock star to think rock is dead.  Folks, rock and roll might be dead in the mainstream, and if this is what Lemmy is on about, then fine.  But, like any fine form of music, dig a little deeper and you will find great, classic-sounding music of any genre.  The record industry is what is fucked, not rock and roll.  In an interview with Kerrang, Lemmy stated that  “We’re waiting for something, and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s for the death of rock ‘n’ roll, y’know? I really don’t know. I don’t understand what we’re waiting for at the moment, because we’ve been waiting for a long time. We deserve something, but we ain’t getting it.”
lemmy-kilmister640He specifically feels he ain’t getting it from the younger bands on the scene. “I don’t know why half of [modern bands] are together, ’cause they don’t deserve to be,” he continued. “All they do is make a f—ing racket. I think we’re still looking for an answer to punk, to be quite honest with you, ’cause Nirvana wasn’t it, y’know? They were the closest, but that didn’t last. I like some bands. I like Foo Fighters and Evanescence and stuff. But I don’t know if we’re going to get a real thing like punk again.”

Well, perhaps it’s time to go back to your European roots Lemmy.  There are some amazing underground labels over there putting out some of the finest rock I’ve heard in decades.  Sweden has, and continues to put out some of the best rock bands.  Graveyard and Witchcraft alone have kept it together for rock music for a good while now.  England has brought us bands like Uncle Acid, and Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell.  Rise Above Records in England is putting out enough rock music to nullify any of these whining rock stars’ worries.  I will agree that the way rock music has made millionaires out of idiots is dead and gone, but thank goodness for that.  Coked up morons acting like idiots did nothing for the music; it just gave haters a reason to hate.  Uncle Acid has a brand new record coming September 4th.  Perhaps you should pick that up and recharge your batteries.  Good rock music will never die, but you might have to look further than your lazy fucking cell phone streaming app to find it, Lemmy. – FATS