BACK-PACK with BEERS! by TREVOR BORRENS (Animated Dirty Donny Crank Call)

I’m still wiping the friggin’ tears away from eyes and holding my enormous gut from splitting.  Way back at the beginning of 2015, our man Dirty Donny hooked up with us to do some old school crank-calling for the podcast, and a few of them are right gems.  Another old pal of ours constantly found himself at battle with Donny for supremacy of the goblin, and in good fashion, Dan set Old Man Lindley up a few weeks before this, and then Don came in for the kill with this recording.  So sour.  Now, out from the cold comes a truly elite master of the goblin.  Good ol’ Trevor Borrens brings his amazing talent as an emerging animator to the table to knock this goblin out of the friggin’ park.  Sorry Lindbo, this is too good to keep to ourselves.  We hope to have more amazing animated works from Trev in the near future.  Fuckin’ Eh Right! – FATS