I’ve been to many festivals, and in fact had my very own – “Shed Sessions” in Quebec (12 or 13 over the period of  1988 – 2010). Have played several festivals and even had a stage at Ottawa Bluesfest for 2 years – 2003 and 2004.  Used to Austin Psych-Festbe okay with festivals, but it got harder giving a shit post 2005, as my intolerance for “dumbfucks” increased dramatically!  When in large crowds, my physicality generally hurts from the huge amount of stupidity that emanates from the majority of human kind. I feel it, smell it and it makes me ill.

Here in North America, excluding the smaller and more focused “festivals”, which usually are genre oriented, festivals aim largely at the lowest common denominator.  I am not part of that equation and never have been.  I hate waiting in lineups, I hate shitty half cold or warm beer served in cups, I hate camping, I hate being marooned out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, I hate over anxious security folks, I hate outdoor public latrines, I hate drunk fuckers, I hate “waiting” around for shit
to start, I hate festival parking, I hate f’n hippies, I hate urban cowboys, I hate…well you get the picture.

Here’s some posters of festivals from 2015 (none in Canada) that I actually would have considered going  too.  These are strictly based on the lineups, as well as the fact that the majority, were indoors and all were fairly genre specific and well curated. – JOHN

(John Westhaver is the owner/operator of one of the world’s finest record shops; Birdman Sound.  This is the place you go to find the stuff you can’t find anywhere else.  This shop feels more curated by music guides who want to widen your musical horizons, than sell you shit that will just collect dust on your shelf or clog up your smartphone.  Pretty much exclusively vinyl, Birdman Sound has been helping us stay connected with the bands the mall stores just don’t give a fuck about, and he’s been at it for 25 years now.  Check out Birdman Sound here.  John also plays with a fantastic free-flowing psych-rock band known as The Band Whose Name is a Symbol (TBWNIS) who have recording and released 8 vinyl only LPs in 6 years.  This is a seriously good friggin’ band and you should check out their stuff here.)