Okay, deep breath, although I can seem extroverted at times, as I have had the gift-of-gab my whole life, it takes a shitload of energy for me to do it.  Most of the time, I enjoy the solitude of my apartment, the company of my wife and cats, and the quiet safe environment of no more than 3 people at a time.  I also spent a lot of time studying political issues, as well as digging a bit deeper into the ‘machine’ that makes the world turn.  Frankly, as 2015 swings by, the world is a pretty shitty place on a whole, with that whole top-1%-having-all-the-money business going on.  Shit costs so much more than it has ever cost, and none of us seem to be making any more money – the economy is in the shitter and it’s those 1% that need to gear down a bit.  Well, when ol’ Slim told me about this new television show, Mr. Robot, about a hacker who has a hankering to take these fuckers down, I had to give it shot.

Starring Rami Malek, the series follows the journey of Elliot, a computer programmer working at a cyber security firm by day and playing the role of mrrobot-key-artvigilante hacker by night. Throughout his life, Elliot’s found it difficult to interact with the living world around him due to an anti-social disorder, but everything changes the night he encounters the biggest hack of his life. However, as he soon learns, the hack was merely the beginnings of a much grander plan being perpetrated by a mysterious man known only by his alias, Mr. Robot.

Yup, that sounds like the perfect show for me.  And, to make things even better, that Mr. Robot dude is played by Christian Slater.  Hey Clarence, it ain’t white-boy-day… wait.  Those fucking white boys in those huge office towers are sure to find out soon enough that it certainly is not white-boy-day.

Now, I’ve only seen the pilot as of yet, but that first hour has hooked me.  Part of me feels like I am Elliot.  I’m a big fat nerd who sits in front of a computer terminal all day, and hell yeah, I want those 1% to gear the fuck down.  I might even be ready to go to war over it.  The sneaky bastards over at Apple TV even gave me a free upload of the pilot.  That old first-one’s-free trick.  Well played.

MR. ROBOT (official extended trailer)

If you hate the man, feel a bit like a nerd yourself, and tend to cheer for the little guy, this show is for you.  Judging the show based only on its pilot, there’s a lot at play with USA Network’s latest. There are many themes itching to be explored, and there are many relationships prime for elaboration. Elliot’s a wonderful personality to journey around the underground hacking scene of New York City with, and the title character of Mr. Robot is a beautifully crafted mystery that’s already causing the kind of questions that could stun the audience in ways some of best shows are known for. Barring the roll-out of the series’ subsequent episodes, Mr. Robot could be the series that finally, after years of ignorance, puts a deserving network among the likes of HBO, AMC and FX in terms of acclaim. – FATS