SongoftheDay: TIME BOMB by RANCID

SongoftheDay: TIME BOMB by RANCID

rancid_planes_t_shirt_by_crisan-d59p6ppFor some folks, punk rock isn’t supposed to be accessible to all.  You’re not supposed to be able to dance to it, not at least the kind of dancing most folks do.  When ska entered the world of punk rock, all that shit changed.  Now,
bands like The Specials, The Clash, Operation Ivy, and Rancid (just to name a few) were making music that was punk-as-fuck, but you could take your lady dancing as well.  I’m a fat bastard and dancing shouldn’t be my thing, but I’m a drummer too, and when I hear ska music blasting through the loudspeakers, I have no choice but to cut a rug. – FATS