Being that poor, stinky kid living in Canada, Los Angeles was simply too far away to be real.  Yes, I loved Beverly Hills Cop, and had seen Terminator, and knew that all them fancy movies I watched came from this place, far away, that apparently had summer 365 days a year.  That alone made me hate them.

It wasn’t until I got a bit older that I started to realize that all the music I had been listening was coming from California as well.  The bands may not have been from that distant land, but the big labels and studios in the 80s were all blackflagstarwoodout there.  This was also the time that I stated learning about the differences between East Coast rock and West Coast rock – especially when it came to punk rock.  As a metalhead, punk rock still didn’t mean that much to me, but a few of my favorite metal bands were from California, and they listened to some punk rock bands.  It wasn’t until I found Dead Kennedys that I attached myself to the California punk scene.  Black Flag didn’t hook me until later, and it wasn’t until the film Repo Man, that I found my love for Circle Jerks and Flag; that movie made it all make sense to me.  Some of the early Bad Religion taught me that you didn’t need to be ugly to be punk, but that’s where I draw the line with that genre of pop punk.  One thing is for sure, there was/is a fuck-load of places to play this style of music in California.  – FATS


16th and Mission BART – San Francisco, 1990s-2000s
40th Street Warehouse – Oakland, 1990s-2000s
924 Gilman Street – Berkeley, 1986–present
Al’s Bar – Los Angeles, 1979-2001
The Allen Theater – South Gate, 2000s
Balazo Gallery – San Francisco, 2000s
Barrington Hall – Berkeley, until 1984
The Barn – University of California, Riverside 1970s to present
111651-aThe Bel-Tower – Fresno, 2010–present (semi-defunct)
Burnt Ramen – Richmond, 1990s-2000s
Cafe Infoshop – Fresno, early 2000s–present
The Casbah – San Diego, 1989–present
Cathay de Grande – Hollywood, 1980s
Chain Reaction – Anaheim, 1980s-present
Che Cafe – San Diego, 1980–present
Chinatown Youth Center – Fresno, late 2000s–present
Cloyne Court – Berkeley, 1980s-2000s
Club 88 – Los Angeles, 1977-late 1980s
Club Cocodrie – San Francisco, 1990s
Club Minimal – South Sacramento, early 1980s
Cobalt Cafe – Canoga Park 1990–Present
Crest Theater – K Street Mall Downtown Sacramento, early 1980s
Cuckoo’s Nest – Orange County, 1978–1981
Danville Grange – Danville, 1990s-2000s
The Deaf Club – San Francisco, 1978–1979
Eagle Tavern[disambiguation needed] – San Francisco, 2000s-present
East 7th Punx – Los Angeles, 2013–present
The Elite Club – San Francisco, early 1980s
Epicenter Zone – San Francisco, 1990s
The Farm – San Francisco, late 1970s–1980s
Fender’s Ballroom – Long Beach, 1984 – 1994
Godzillas – Sunland, early 1980s
social_distortion_2Hong Kong Café – Los Angeles, 1979–1981
House of Blues-Los Angeles, 1994–present
Mabuhay Gardens – San Francisco, 1976–1986
Madame Wong’s – Los Angeles, 1978–1985
The Masque – Los Angeles, 1977–1979
Mission Records – San Francisco, 1990s
The PCH Club – Wilmington, CA 1998-2000
The Phoenix Theater – Petaluma, 1982–present
The Showcase Theatre – Corona, 1993 -2008
The Smell – Los Angeles, 1997–present
SOMA – San Diego, 1986–1999, 2002–present
Squeeze’s – Riverside, late 1970s
Starwood Club – Los Angeles, late 1970s–1980s
Target Video – San Francisco, 1978–1981
Valencia Tool & Die – San Francisco, late 1970s–early 1980s
Vortex Vortograph – Sacramento, early 1980s
The Warfield – San Francisco, 1979–present
Thrillhouse Records – San Francisco, 2000s-present
Trocadero Transfer – San Francisco, 1990s
Warm Water Cove – San Francisco (informal, park setting)
Whisky a Go Go – Los Angeles, 1964–1982, 1986–present