THE MONDAY PURGE: “That’s totally unrealistic”- An Idiot.


If there’s one thing that drives me crazy when people criticize films, it’s when people say “That would never happen”, “That’s totally unrealistic” etc.

Yup, you’re completely right.

Also, you’re a douche-bag who likes to think you’re smarter than everyone else (guess what, none of us are geniuses) and you have no understanding of art. No one says, “that painting, poem, song, sculpture is totally unrealistic” as a King-Fury-Poster-Finalcriticism. It’s art. Each film establishes it’s own logic and universal laws. If it happens then it intrinsically has to make sense within the confines of that piece of art. I don’t care if it says “Based on a true Story”. The Bible is apparently based on a true story and some cunt walked on water. Chill the fuck out and suspend your disbelief. You’ll be be much happier for it. People who say shit like that are looking for a reason to poo-poo on stuff because they are contrarian assholes who define themselves by what they hate. How fucking boring, negative, and a waste of resources is that? I can’t get behind that.

FACTS: Life is short, Duane “The Rock” Johnson is truly entertaining and “unrealistic” explosions are unequivocally awesome.  Also, If you’re not a miserable bastard and just want to be entertained for 30-ish minutes, watch “Kung Fury” (2015). – Lee Ostler