FEATURE: Motörhead’s Motörboat Is The Ultimate Floating Music Festival

Welcome Aboard The Loudest Boat In The Wörld!

Motörhead’s Motörboat is the ultimate floating music festival – an annual summit for hard rock and metal music lovers from around the globe, sailing September 28 thru October 2, 2015, from Miami to the private island of Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas. The Motörboat ups the ante on mb15lineupstandard Caribbean cruise vacations with a 24-hour, face melting party for days on end, headquartered on white sandy beaches and the sun-drenched deck of the Norwegian Sky.

Think paradise for those with a harder, faster pulse. Picture Marshall stack thumping shows from an unparalleled artist lineup, close enough to the stage that your rib cage shakes, synchronized headbanging with a few thousand of your coolest friends who you’ve never needed to meet before now, all while the ship bursts at the seams with enough booze, gambling and luxurious spa services to make an ’84 tour rider seem humble!

In addition to dozens of live shows around the clock, Motörhead’s Motörboat will keep it crazy with theme nights where flying your freak flag is not looked down upon but paraded and appreciated. Weird and wonderful poolside and beach events and activities will keep the motor going, and artist Q&A sessions plus meet & greets will get you up close and personal with your favorite artists on board. All this is punctuated with 24-hour access to the food, bars and fellow Motorboaters who are up all night with music demons to fight.

Ready to leave your real life on the shore, drink & dine with abandon, and pick up your all access pass to experience the rock star lifestyle for four days and nights this fall? Resistance is futile! Let’s do this ship!

Theme Nights

55789854-motorheads-motorboat-slayer-to-perform-on-ships-deck-stage-under-a-blood-moon-motorhead-celebrates-40th-anniversary-imageTheme nights are your chance to explore your creative side and show your Motörboater pride! They are always optional, but it is way more fun when you participate! So be free, get crazy and let your mind run wild with the possibilities!

Monday, Sept-28 (Embarkation): The United Nations of Rock

As you board the ship for Motörhead’s Motörboat 2015, let your flags unfurl and dress your best to represent your hometown, state or country, and let’s party like it’s an Olympics opening ceremony… only with more black and better jams!

Monday, Sept-28 (Late-Night):
Under The Blood Red Moon

Tis the night of the fourth blood moon. Will the end of the world prophecy come true? More importantly, who cares? Let’s party with the The Rapture on our heels. Wear something crimson to get into the spirit, let Slayer be your soundtrack, and enjoy the bloody rare view!

Tuesday, Sept-29: Heavy Metal Luau

We’re bringing a bit of the Bahamas beach paradise back to the boat with a rockin’ luau night. Keep your swimsuit on or throw on your most obnoxious 720x405-88Hawaiian shirt, add some coconuts, straw skirt and don’t worry be happy because the aloha music will still be head-bangin’ and if you play your cards right we’ll get you lei’d.

Wednesday, Sept-30: Three Ring Freak Show

In a time when wenches wore corsets and gentlemen wore top hats, the Freak Show was a refined form of entertainment – a circus of horrors! Step right up and show us your creepy clowns, ragtime geeks, fortune tellers, bearded ladies, siamese twins, wolf boys and elephant men!

Thursday, Oct-1: Motörhead After Dark

Motörhead’s been reapin’ for 4-decades strong. That’s 280 in rock star years so it’s only appropriate on our final night at sea we celebrate this monstrous achievement with an epic 40th anniversary bash! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so tonight, dress up in your Lemmy/Phil/Mikkey best (or even as our God, Lemmy himself, if you dare), and shake it like it’s 1975. Cake and plenty of liquor will no doubt in attendance!

Mon, Sep-28 Miami, Florida – Port Of Miami 5:00pm
Tue, Sep-29 Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas 8:00am 5:00pm
Wed, Sep-30 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00am 6:00pm
Thu, Oct-1 Motörboating at Sea!
Fri, Oct-2 Miami, Florida – Port Of Miami 7:00am * All times Eastern