Yelling out “Freebird!” at concerts is a tradition that goes back, well, about 30 years or so. When it happens today, it’s generally accepted that the perpetrator is an attention seeking lowlife that deserves a rigorous beating with a bag of herpes infected oranges.free4

But in that person’s defense, it’s usually just a misguided attempt at a joke. Unless of course they are actually at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, in which case, there is a good chance they just lost a close relative in a tragic Tilt-a-Whirl operating accident and want to hear the song so the healing can begin.

While being an avid concert goer I can always enjoy the “freebird” heckle, it really does make me laugh. However the guy standing next me with week old puke breath yelling ” Fuckin eh right! Whooo ya fuck ya!” , that’s got to go. I am always down for some fist pumping , slam dancing, bring on the mosh pit and keep them elbows high brother. Now I know drunk yelling/heckling can’t be stopped, how do you stop something you don’t remember you did the night before?free3

I put out the FREEBIRD CHALLENGE to all  the Arboretum Music Festival attendees. Send me (dan@rockandrolljunkie.com) a recording or video of you yelling out Freebird at the festival (and don’t go nuts and piss off the bands, have some class)  The best one gets a prize pack from rockandrolljunkie.com! BRING IT ON! – DAN