SongoftheDay: RULE 21 by THE ISOTOPES

SongoftheDay: RULE 21 by THE ISOTOPES

The Isotopes are an excellent baseball-themed band that – other than worshiping baseball, is all about, you guessed it, The Ramones. One of Canada’s best groups that fall under the umbrella of full-on Ramones worship. – STEVE

(Steve Adamyk is a massive fan of all things rock and roll, and when it came time to find a guest curator for this week’s foray into the world of Marky Ramone, we felt there was no one better for the job.  Since his days with Million Dollar Marxists and into the present with his current gang, the Steve Adamyk Band, this savage of rock has been spreading his talents all over the world, including multiple trips to Europe and Japan, as well as numerous jaunts across North America.  With four (4) full length LPs and a whole slew of EPs and singles released, The Steve Adamyk Band shows no signs of slowing down.  We are super stoked to have him share some tunes with you this week.  Check out the fantastic sounds of the Steve Adamyk Band here.)