THE REEL BINGE with Lee Ostler: THE SALVATION (2014)

i9veequThe Salvation (2014) is a Danish produced, South African shot film set in the American West in the 1870’s, and a fucking gem of a flick. It’s a masterclass in cinematography. Jens Schlosser essentially pulls out every trick in the book to make one of the most memorably beautiful flicks I’ve seen in quite awhile. It’s not often I  rewind a movie to re-watch a scene entirely based on how it looks. At it’s core, it’s a simple tale of revenge, just smashed through a Scandinavian art house meat-grinder.  Mads Mikkelsen plays the beyond stoic, wronged man with a murky past as a soldier. He could have, and almost does, play this with no dialogue; it’s all in his face. Eva Green, as the severely wronged woman, does a pretty great job with very little to work with.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan does the unrepentant, sadistic, meanest son-of-bitch-in-town thing exceptionally well, and really seems to have fun with it. Check it out. Full of surprises. – LEE


Asssociated Recomendations:
-Anders Thomas Jensen (Co-Writer) also co-wrote the excellent “Brothers” (2009)
-Mads Mikkelsen as the kinda terrifying “One Eye” in Nicolas Winding Refn’s head fuck “Valhalla Rising”(2009).
-Jeffrey Dean Morgan as “The Comedian” in “The Watchmen” (2009) or as the lead in the big, dumb, fun “The Losers” (2010)
(Lee Ostler is a musician, avid fight fan, man-of-many-words, and huge fan of fine cinema.  Each Thursday, he will start our minds rolling for the weekend with another gem of a film we can hunt down.  Some will be easier to find than others, but that’s part of the game.  Get the home theatre ready, pop the corn, and prepare to see some friggin’ awesome films)