NEWS: Alan Robert’s ‘Killogy’: Marky Ramone, Frank Vincent Pint Glass Debuts 2015 Boston Comic Con!

From the popular IDW Publishing title, creator Alan Robert’s artwork is brought to life in Killogy Pint Glasses. Based on the comic book starring Frank Vincent (Sopranos), Marky Ramone (The Ramones), Brea Grant (Heroes), these pint glasses were made available at the 2015 Boston Comic Con.

As we previously mentioned, the horror/crime comic follows Sally Sno-Cones (Vincent), Summer Rhoades, (Grant) and Cole Edwards (Ramone) as they find killogy-glasses-promo-pinta-web-jpgthemselves locked inside a prison cell. The three accused murderers need each other’s help as the world outside is being ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Joining the gang is Misfits punk legend Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, who starred in the special Halloween edition of Killogy.

According to the official Alan Robert website, the sculpting house known as Skelton Crew Studio has created their latest array of high-end, limited edition replicas. Just like they did with Locke &Key, Hellboy and CHEW, they have formed new partnership with the Killogy creator to produce an exclusive line of collectables based on his popular comic book.

There were two 16 oz. etched Killogy Pint Glasses constructed. One design will feature the voodoo artwork found in the comic, circled by an ominous warning of the impending apocalypse. The other display will have a bold Killogy skull logo. Each glass comes complete with a full-color, double-sided “Voodoo Brew” Drink Recipe Card, designed by Robert’s signature artwork.

Skeleton Crew head Israel Skleton reveals what makes these pint glasses unique, “Killogy is such an original concept and an amazing read. Alan is a huge talent and clearly an idea machine. We couldn’t be more stoked to be working with him.”

The Wire Hangers scribe/illustrator adds, “With a roster filled with comics greats, like Mike Mignola, Ben Templesmith, Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez, and John Layman & Rob Guillory, I am extremely humbled and flattered to be welcomed into the Skeleton Crew family! They produce some of the best replicas I’ve seen around and they are completely dedicated to bringing each creator’s vision to life.”

Ramones, Goodfellas & Misfits Fight Flying Zombie Heads – KILLOGY!