NEWS: 17 people taken to hospital from Calgary music festival for substance abuse issues

CS2015-POS-11x17-WEB-662x1024CALGARY – This past weekend, 17 people were taken to hospital from the Chasing Summer music festival that took place at Fort Calgary on Friday and Saturday.

Five people were in serious condition, 11 were stable and one was potentially life threatening.

All of them were suffering from substance abuse issues.

The youngest of the patients is 18 and the oldest is 38, ten of them were women and seven were men. Eight people were taken to hospital Friday night and nine on Saturday.

At this music festival last year, ten people were taken to hospital.

EMS says most of the victims had ingested large amounts of alcohol and at least one other illicit substance, frequently MDMA (Ecstasy, “E”, or “molly”) or marijuana (THC).

maxresdefaultOthers had also ingested cocaine, GHB, or Ketamine.

Patients who appeared to be in serious condition, had trouble breathing or were unresponsive.

EMS says many of the stable patients were uncooperative and aggressive toward first responders who were trying to help them, requiring physical and chemical restraint, as well as the assistance of Calgary Police, in order to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.