I hate elections. Not for the reasons you might think. Sure, politicians are, for the most part, lying scumbags that will sell their mothers for a vote; and no matter what criteria you go by, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish the good ones from the bad anymore. But it’s the electorate that really gets to me. The reason why you’re about to see a bunch of supposedly grown-ass lawyers acting like toddlers, fighting over every little poll to eke out a couple points here and there, is for you. It’s so they can curry favour among the undecided, the lowest of the low of the voting public.

I hate paying taxes. I really do. In fact, every year at tax time, there’s that basest part of me that forgets that at least some of our taxes are dedicated to ensuring that everyone can meet the basic requirements for survival, that Read+description+too+in+this+cartoon+you+see+the+rich_c738fb_4577588wonders why I fork over half my earnings to a government for which I didn’t
vote, and with whom I disagree fundamentally on just about every level. It’s almost enough to turn me into a libertarian, were I not aware enough to know that it’s exactly what the ultra-rich want. They want us to eschew our responsibilities towards each other and embrace this fucking dream of trickle down economics. But it doesn’t work. You hang everyone out to dry, and soon enough they’ll just be hanged.

I hate dreamers. I hate them the least, though, because they still have the balls to fight for ideals on which I gave up a long time ago. Maybe it’s the reality of having to provide for a family in a time when savage capitalism is making at-risk_states-700x300even the barest of necessities completely unaffordable. I mean, gas is still outrageously priced despite oil being at its lowest cost/barrel in decades. Don’t
even get me started on taxable government benefits. But there are still people in politics out there fighting the good fight, selling a vision that’s slightly less evil than the myth of equal opportunity, and a little less two-faced than those trying to get back into power because they think it’s theirs by right.

So without paying attention to polls, ads and rhetoric, just ask yourself who you want as a steward for the next generation, not who’s going to put the most money in your pocket right now. That approach to government only benefits those with the deepest pockets, and they don’t need any more of what’s ours. That’s right, ours. – JP