For Lagwagon I’m going to pick In Your Wake from their new album Hang (which is amazing by the way if you haven’t heard it yet). The lyrics are pretty dark and the song progressively gets more and more intense which fits the Lagwagon_LisaJohnson_sepialyrics perfectly. The lyrics are like an older generation looking at the new one and being like ‘What the fuck happened? We’re so disconnected from our old values; basically saying they’re fading. It seems like everyone’s so apathetic. Doesn’t anyone care about our well being anymore, or the direction we’re heading? That’s the vibe I get from the lyrics of this song, and the whole album really. The song starts off at a slower pace then mellows out for a bit, then there’s that whole build up to the last part of the song, and when that kicks in it gives me fucking goosebumps every time. Amazing song. So stoked on their new album. – MATT

(That old saying rings true, “if it tickles your ears, then go with it.”  Well, we here at have it on good authority that Matt Racha is our man when it comes to Fat Wreck Chords.  He right friggin’ loves those bands, and his passion will come through this week as guest-curator for our special 25th Anniversary celebration of Fat Wreck Chords.  You can check out Matt’s band The Valveenus here, and go out and get their new album Catalyst when it is released later this month.  If you are in the Toronto area, you can see them live on Aug 22.  Check out the details here.)