THE UPSIDE with Shane Whitbread: PLACEHOLDER

I was gonna write something on Fat Wreck Chords, but that would require more effort than it is worth; fabricated hate for a label I can’t even pretend to care about. The only band on that label I’ve ever been able to sit through an entire record by is the Descendents; and those records were published over two decades ago (and not released by Fat Wreck).

So yeah, fuck it.

I woke up this morning, checked my email and noticed Silver Snail Ottawa is closing. Silver Snail is the comic shop I’ve gone to weekly for the better part of the 18 years I’ve lived in Ottawa.

This town like every other town feels like it is rotting; or maybe this is just age, change and “progress”. I want to address that, because I actually give a fuck about it. I just need a bit of extra time to get my thoughts together.  So, UPSIDE will come at you again this coming Saturday night. – SHANE

“And our schools look like prisons
And our prisons look like malls
And downtown’s just a sick parade
Where no-one cares at all”