GREAT SHOW ALERT: OTTAWA, CANADA – Electric Magma, Monobrow, Rex Heck

11012542_897927836933653_2271824881628439080_nA home town show alert this week.  Although I am not all that familiar with Electric Magma from Toronto, I am well versed in both of the other bands on this bill, and if they are anything like Monobrow or Rex Heck, this is going to be a right barn burner.  It’s no secret my love for Monobrow.  Those dudes lay waste wherever they land, and yes they land in a fucking massive spacecraft that hovers above the venue while they quake bowels inside.  No, you can’t see the craft, but that’s because you haven’t the temporal capacity for it like I do.  Trust me, it’s there.  Now, those crazy bastards in Rex Heck have a close place in my heart, and I’ll be the guy in the corner singing along to a few of their songs with pride and admiration.  I miss those dudes.  From what I hear of Electric Magma, they are heavy as fuck and groove with bouncy fuzznastics.  You might want to show up to this one rolled and ready. – FATS

WHEN: Friday, July 31, 2015

WHERE: House of TARG – 1077 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

HOW MUCH: $5 before 10PM and $8 after.