UPDATE: Jessika Daly update about Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers)

Eddie Spaghetti update.
I feel conflicted on whether I should be writing a detailed medical type post, just give you the straight poop or stick with my go to satire?
I’m not feeling particularly funny today, which sucks because that has sort of always been my thing. I laugh and make jokes to lighten the mood but today is pretty… meh.
Last night I spent time with Eddie while he laid in a bed with more tubes, wires and beeps than anyone should ever have to accommodate. I realize that this is familiar territory for a lot of people but for my family- well, for me, it is not. You think you can prepare yourself for that but seeing this man that rescues us when we are down, just makes me want to spit out my coffee and cry. Like ugly cry.
But I don’t.
I ended up sleeping in my own bed last night. When I learned I couldn’t sleep in the ICU room with him (there are no beds but I could nod off in a chair all night) I was pretty pissed but going home to our bed and getting to see sleepy kid faces this morning was good for me, and our new mattress is amazing, so I, at least physically, feel good.
This morning when I came in, he looked the same. Good. Just sleeping and looking very much like himself, with the exception of his mouth, which could give Lisa Rinna a run for her money. At about 9:30 a.m. they came in and turned off his propafol drip, which is described as “Michael Jackson juice” and although I love a pop culture reference, this one stinks but now that he is off of it, it can be funny again.
He took awhile to wake up, which wouldn’t be so alarming except for that there were about 5/6 people in the room waiting. When all but one left the room, he opened his eyes for a second and had the look that can only be described as “that one time in Vegas, circa 1999”. He was restrained (also not my favorite part, which is odd, isn’t it?) so he couldn’t rip the tube out of his throat when we woke up. When he came to again he looked confused and uncomfortable and a little annoyed. They were telling him he came out of surgery fine and he just kept trying to talk and move his hands, both of which he could not do. And then he glanced up at me and gave me smize that Tyra Banks would be proud of.
Taking the tube out was so hardcore, I don’t know how people do that everyday. Intense doesn’t even come close to describing it. I will need approximately 14 vodka tonics to get that image out of my head.
So what now? That’s the burning question and “we don’t really know”, is the honest answer. Eddie will stay in ICU for another day at least to watch for bleeding, then he will be transferred to a regular floor where we will wait to see how he recovers. This last surgery is pretty invasive, the healing time will all depend on his body. It’s not muscles or stitches, it’s all open wounds from a robot opening his soft palate and removing the tumor, which we found out was on the top of his left tonsil.
I can tell you that with the first surgery, pathology discovered that only 1 of 49 lymph nodes removed had cancer. ONE! That was not excepted and we are so happy about it. Eddie’s body worked overtime for him, capturing the cancer cells from the tonsil and keeping them encapsulated into that ONE lymph node… pretty incredible.
After his release (looks like Monday) we will wait about a week for pathology to come back. What that will tell us is how to go about the next phase of treatment. There are 4 courses of secondary treatment, all of which are done here at City of Hope, what that will be we are unsure at this time. So I will keep you posted about that.
We do know, and this is hard for him, he will be off the road for the rest of the year. He will recover and come back to the stage. Promise.
I want to say thank you again for all your continued support. Those who have donated $100 and those who have donated $1. The emails and postcards, the FB messages and the encouraging words through Instagram and Twitter. The phone calls and those who have been physically here for us- you are all crucial for us to come out of this thing in one piece. I know I have said it before but I wish there was a way I could do something more for you, and maybe some day I will be able to do that but for today, thank you. My family is so important to me, obviously, but I also recognize that he is important to so many of you and so I will always have each and everyone of you to thank for getting us through this year. What a year, right? Man… fuck this year.
And I want to thank someone that changed the course of our lives for the better. Like, for real. Someone that is probably responsible for saving Eddie’s life as much as his amazing doctors and for putting us on the path that we are on. Without this person giving us the tools and fighting for Eddie to be seen by the BEST surgeon for his particular disease… I just don’t know where he would be, I’m not sure where I would be. I am not sure what situation we might have ended up in. Getting diagnosed with cancer is scary, navigating the system and finding the right medical care is, toe to toe, the worst part and I want to thank Ed Vedder for being the most amazing friend to us. We don’t love him because he is a famous rock star (even though he is pretty damn charismatic on that stage), we don’t just love him because he worked tirelessly for my family- I love and appreciate this man because he wouldn’t stop until my husband was in the very best hands. He wasn’t afraid to encourage us get right surgeon, he reminded Eddie that his voice was his craft, something my Eddie forgets. He took us under his wing, cared about our situation like it was his own. I’ll never forget it. – Jessika