SongoftheDay: HIGH GAIN by CROSS DOG

SongoftheDay: HIGH GAIN by CROSS DOG

Well, it’s been a fun week.  Our good pal Tracy A. from Cross Dog did a marvelous job guest-curating this here SongoftheDay feature for the week.  Next week we will be looking at the various forms within the evolution of blues music.  Unlike when we 11755114_1186387331387262_449831012109741242_nfocused on more of the traditional blues, this time we will see how this music has tried, and perhaps failed, to evolve.  However, on this Sunday, our day of rest, we celebrate the music of Cross Dog, a vicious example of basstastic fuznastics, bullet drumming, and rambunctious vocal belting served up by of our guest curator for this past week, Tracy A.  It’s been a pleasure working with her on this, and we hope to have her back somewhere down the road for some more shenanigans.  Check out Cross Dog every chance you get, that shit is psycho. – FATS