SongoftheDay: BAG by WHITE LUNG

SongoftheDay: BAG by WHITE LUNG

WhiteLung-Bonnaroo-Sun-PoonehGhana-1Mish Way is the type of front-person you can’t ignore. This song is off the White Lung ‘Sorry’ (2012), an album title that does not reflect the unapologetic badass character of this woman. She is a sex-positive feminist and I can’t get enough of her. There is something in her vocals that is reminiscent of Karen O (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), but if she swallowed a pack of razor blades and was dosed with amphetamines. Mish Way doesn’t need comparison; she is iconic. While you’re kicking around YouTube, make it a point to check out their 2012 set from 538 Johnson in Brooklyn.

(This week’s SongoftheDay segments are being guest-curated by Tracy A. of Cross Dog.  Not only is Tracy a force to be reckoned with on stage, her political views are equally as fierce, and can be felt in the passion of her lyrics.  We are super stoked to have her guest curate some music celebrating the contributions of many of the most iconic women in music.  To learn more about Tracy A. and her great band Cross Dog, click here.)