Vertigo Records Album Review: EXTINCTION AGENDA by FEAR AGENT



Those friggin’ lunatics from New Brunswick are dosing the water with some sort of aggro-inducing toxin full of smashy sauce.  With a fully-stocked liquor cabinet and fresh bag of silly sticks, Moncton’s FEAR AGENT has me sipping Scotch and bouncing off the walls rather early this week.  Yeah, yeah, go fuck yourself, a good helping of crossover hardcore/thrash tips me overboard from the good ship ‘Morally Correct’.  With having the pleasure of playing in bands that use that ‘just friggin’ giv’r’ vocal style, it only fueled my earlier-than-usual Friday boozin’ when Mitchie Dagger started belting his Lemmy-esque vox across my sound system.

The record ain’t recorded at the finest of studios, but who cares, it’s not pretty pop music these dudes are pumping out; it’s smash-face thrash and it sounds exactly the way it should – full of fast-paced riffage, heart attack drumming, and screaming to wake the neighbors.  FEAR AGENT are not re-inventing the wheel here, but again, who cares.  What they are doing is quaking bowels, smashing faces, and sending this fat bastard back to the liquor cabinet for another 3 fingers of Scotch.  It’s a good bet I’ll be showing my bum to the Grannies next door by the time I finish this review.

1497941_792788880839433_7346096009461060186_oNow, if I had to be serious for a second and actually do my job here and give you a sense of what these guys are actually about, I’d have to say that fans of Agnostic Front, anything Billy Milano was involved with, Cro-Mags, and even metal like Pantera and Slayer, would enjoy this stuff.  If you like old-school thrash riffage with just right fucking beltin’ vocals, then this is up your alley.  If you’re looking for melody or range or sing-song, go find something else, but if you want to set yourself on fire and love every second of it, possibly while smashing something in the back yard, then Extinction Agenda by FEAR AGENT is for you.   For now, their music is only available on BandCamp here.   For the next 48 hours, it is absolutely free, then goes to $5 for the album.  Go get some!  Okay, I might need to lie down now.  Fuck Yeah! – FATS