SongoftheDay: HALLOGALLO by NEU!

SongoftheDay: HALLOGALLO by NEU!

3Ok, I’m cheating a bit here, as Neu! isn’t entirely instrumental. But hey, vocals don’t creep in to the mix until the very last song on this album, and I think they only reappear on side 2 of Neu! 75. Not many musicians could make a one chord/one rhythm 10 minute track this engaging, but Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger make you wish “Hallogallo” lasted for the rest of your day. The fade-in and fade-out makes me believe the song is eternal, and we humanoids should be lucky that we have been graced with these 10 minutes of sheer musical bliss…

(This week’s SongoftheDay segments are being guest-curated by Paul Slater.  Paul plays guitar in Monobrow, one the best up-and-coming instrumental stoner rock outfits to hit the scene in a long while.  Check out the music of Monobrow here.)