One of my favourite discoveries of the past 5 or 6 years. After two albums of trying to find their sound, Grails really hit their stride with 2006’s Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 1, and were on a hot streak that lasted through 2011’s Deep Politics (that’s not to b63dd052say their most recent output isn’t good, they just haven’t been as prolific since then, with band members being involved in numerous other projects). I caught on with 2008’s masterpiece Doomsdayer’s Holiday, and it was Re-incarnation Blues that did it. That riff. There isn’t even really that much to the song, but they play that main theme with such gusto that it hooked me. I always wish it went on for longer, but maybe that’s the point; it just fades out into the ether. Fantastic live band, too. One of those rare bands where the drummer is clearly the frontman, Emil Amos playing with the abandon of Keith Moon, yet with the finesse of a Neil Peart or Bill Bruford. Oh yeah, and Grails make the trippiest videos in the business (just not for Reincarnation Blues, dammit).

(This week’s SongoftheDay segments are being guest-curated by Paul Slater.  Paul plays guitar in Monobrow, one the best up-and-coming instrumental stoner rock outfits to hit the scene in a long while.  Check out the music of Monobrow here.)