Helmet-+-Rollins-BandUnfortunately, I never did get the chance to see Black Flag live, but did get the chance to see Rollins Band.  Most of my pals at the time were right into Rollins, but I never seem to catch the wave like they did.  What I did enjoy about the band was the great playing of Andrew Weiss, Sim Cain, and our guest on the podcast this week, Chris Haskett.  Granted, Rollins has a good bark, but it never grabbed me like it did almost everyone else I knew.  The live show was amazing, and that band felt like they truly understood that fusion of heavy and jazz.  Featured here are two posters; one from the amazing Frank Kozik when Rollins and company played with Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill.  The other comes from what looks like another crazy night with Helmet.  Amazing.  – FATS