11403456_1618101001766858_4438546896307966870_n(In case you thought Nine Pound Hammer were forever lost, think again.  The band is fully functional, playing gigs, and getting ready to release a brand new record very soon.  For much of us, this is really friggin’ good news, but for those of you who don’t know what we’re on about, here’s a bit of background. – FATS)

Nine Pound Hammer first played at The Ross Theater, openning for the Xtian rap group, The Disciples Of Decadence, in nearby Evansville, Indiana, with drummer Toby Myrig, David Epperson, and bassist Brian (Forrest) Payne, in 1984. David and Brian left, and Bart Altman, thunderstick man from The Disciples Of Decadence, joined on bass. This lineup played locally in Owensboro, Kentucky and Evansville Indiana, garnering a very loyal following before relocating to Lexington, Kentucky as the Raw Recruits. The band then changed their name to The Black Sheep and became the house band at Great Scott’s Depot. Darren Howard replaced Toby, and the band became Nine Pound Hammer again. The name of the band is taken from the Merle Travis song Nine Pound Hammer.



Brian Moore (Active Ingredients) and Rob Hulsman (Tarbox Ramblers) joined on bass and drums in 1988, just before recording the band’s first LP, The Mud, The Blood, and The Beers.

The band has six full length albums and several EPs.

In 2005, Nine Pound Hammer was asked to pen a theme song and lyrics for 12 oz. Mouse, a new Adult Swim animated series showing on America’s Cartoon Network. Singer Scott Luallen also appears in the series as the voice actor for the character Roostre. More recently, they were featured on Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack with the track “Carl’s Theme,” in which the lyrics play off of the character “Carl” and one of his lines in ATHF. (Taken from Wikipedia.

1985: Blaine Cartwright and Scott Luallen, natives of a small western Kentucky town (Owensboro) first played at The Ross Theater in nearby Evansville, Indiana, with drummer Toby Myrig, David Epperson, and bassist Brian (Forrest) Payne. David and Brian left, and Bart Altman joined on bass. This lineup played locally in Owensboro (KY) and Evansville (IN) before moving to Lexington (KY) as the Raw Recruit. The band then changed the name to the Black Sheep, and became the house band at Great Scott’s Depot. Darren Howard replaced Toby, and the band became Nine Pound Hammer again.


Kathy Lewellyn replaced Bart on bass. The band records “Band-In #12,” a Detroit, Michigan garage-rock show.
Rob Hulsman (drums) and Brian Moore (bass) join and record “The Mud, the Blood, and the Beers” LP for Wanghead in 1988. Matt Bartholomy replaces Brian on bass.
The Cadillac Inn/Surfabilly 7″ is recorded in 1991. “Smokin Taters” LP is recorded for Crypt Records in 1992. The band tours Europe for the first time, 56 shows in 65 days. Johnny Evans replaces Rob on drums for another European tour. “Hayseed Timebomb” LP is recorded for Crypt Records in April/July 1994 at Stockyard Studios in Glasglow, KY with Bill Waldron on drums.
They tour Europe again with Ohio band Gaunt, including a show at The Vera, in Sweden. (A live recording of this infamous show would be released in ’99 as a double LP/cd.) Adam Neal joins on drums for a U.S./Canada tour.
In 1995, the band plays Sleazefest, record the “Nothin’ To Do” 7″ and the “Teenage Head” 7″ for Answer Records. In 1996, Bill returns for a 10-day tour of Japan that ends up being the band’s last tour for several years. In 1997, the “Dead Flowers” 7″ is released on Answer Records.
Blaine ( with wife Ruyter Suys and Hammer drummer Adam Neal ) forms the band Hell’s Half-Acre, which (after several drummer/bassist changes) becomes Nashville Pussy, who tour incessantly and are nominated for a Grammy. Nine Pound Hammer is on hiatus during this time.


11054407_828197123896139_5785195362135796778_nNine Pound Hammer reunites in late 2000 for two reunion shows: Atlanta (9/23) and Lexington (12/22). Other sporadic reunion shows follow. They play Sleazefest 2001 in August at Chapel Hill, NC.
In Spring 2002, three shows featuring new material and a new drummer (Brian Pulito) are played in Atlanta (4/6), Lexington (5/17) and Nashville (5/18). Shortly thereafter, in May 2002, the boys record a new album on the analog setup at Barrick Studios (Glasgow, KY). In the fall, they play Birmingham, Alabama and Austin, Texas.
In February 2003, the band plays an Atlanta gig, and the notorious 2003 L.A. Shakedown. Matt Bartholomy, longtime bass player, leaves the band and Earl Crim takes over his duties. The band plays two European Music Festivals, Sjock Festival in Belgium and Serie Z in Spain.
In March of 2004, the band plays Richmond Kentucky and Austin Texas. New LP entitled “Kentucky Breakdown” released on Acetate Records: May 2, 2004.
2005 Mulebite Deluxe was released on Acetate Rec’s
2008 Sex, Drugs and Bill Monroe was released on Acetate Rec’s.