PLEASE HELP: Band FOXING has entire trailer stolen by scumbags

(There is nothing worse than a fucking thief.  The band Foxing has had their entire trailer stolen with all of the gear and merch inside.  What pieces of shit would do something like this?  When we find these assholes, please send what’s left of them to us and we will get rid of any evidence.  Fucking scum.  Here’s some info on how you can help get this touring act back on the road.  Fuck sake. – FATS)

5151329_1435876180.8595_funddescriptionHi friends. Last night, Foxing’s entire trailer with ALL of their gear, merchandise & some personal items was stolen in Austin, TX. The area was a safe, residential neighborhood (as the photos indicate) and the band is always responsible with where they park, etc. All told, about $20,000 worth of gear was stolen in addition to the trailer ($2000) & merchandise ($5000+). Some of this gear is one of a kind pieces that will be impossible to recover. People are targeting bands, no question about it. This is a trend that is happening far too often. Foxing are truly one of the hardest working bands on the planet and the incredible, talented people. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for the past year and a half and if you know me at all, you know how much this band means to me.

5151329_1435876192.371_funddescriptionWe’re asking that you help any way possible. Money is obviously needed at this moment but we know times can be tough. We’re asking for what we consider to be the minimum amount to get the vital gear necessary to get back on the road. Not looking to replace everything just yet but enough to continue on the road with MeWithoutYou (about half the tour is left to go).

If you’d rather purchase a piece of merch, you can do so at

If anything, please share the posts below and help us spread the word. Absolutely everything is appreciated.



Joe Marro

PS: Some photos of the trailer below. Please be on the lookout. It’s got a ridiculous Harley Davidson decal and an American flag painted inside.