076cc798720ae6a4eec0faffb47bfb89Last Friday, Eddie and I went to City of Hope in Pasadena, CA to meet with new doctors and receive our much-anticipated second opinion. Much of the day’s news was scarier than we expected, but the people there were amazing. After eight hours at the hospital, talking with surgeons, nurses, financial advisors, and an outstanding coordinator (thanks Candy) Eddie has decided to have all future care at City of Hope.
The new plan is for Eddie to have surgery this Thursday, July 2. Honestly, thinking about the eight-hour procedure freaks me out. There are risks but the doctors say Eddie is going to be an amazing patient.
The tumor they found on his tonsils is on the top, which is touching the soft palate (I know way too much about the back of the mouth now), so in order for them to get all of the cancer and keep Eddie’s voice from changing they must open up the palate and take everything out (a radical tonsillectomy). Then they’ll repair the palate and move on to his neck, where the doctors will take out all of the lymph nodes on the left side.
Having never spent much time in a hospital, Eddie is naturally feeling uneasy. He just wants it all to be past him so he can get back to doing what he loves, which is banging on that big bass and throwing his kids in the air. Our family has been devastated by this, but because of you we’re still on our feet and fighting. Thank you.
Your support for Eddie and our family is so amazing, and we’re so grateful. That’s the silver lining to this whole rotten thing. Trust me, talking and thinking about cancer, surgery, and fear gets old. But you’ve got Eddie talking about the positive side of this, which is seeing the impact his music and band have had on you. Up until now, he had no idea no idea there were so many of you. He does now, and that makes me so hopeful he will recover and never ever forget how special he is to you.
Thank you to everyone who has listened to the music, sent messages, written articles, donated, thought good thoughts, and sent us good vibes. He feels it, he really does. You’re freakin’ amazing and we couldn’t get through this without you.
-Jessika (Eddie’s wife) & the Spaghetti Family