indicaIf there has ever been a band, perhaps outside of Southern Culture on the Skids, that has united Dan and I, it is Grim Skunk.  All of the reasons that some folks may not have liked this band are all the same reasons Dan and I love them so much; these guys can and do play anything and everything really fucking well.  We would sit and smoke cheeb for hours on end, blasting Grim Skunk on the stereo, chillin’ and laughing our asses off over whatever bullshit was making us laugh at that second.  I love the reggae, the punk, the multi-language vocals, and that heavy fucking organ.  It was very tough choosing the SongoftheDay for this band, but Martha was always there for me when I needed her.  Oh, don’t worry, we will be getting to the Spiderman theme later on in the week when we take a closer look at the iconic 70s cartoon – we’ll give ya the GrimSkunk version then. – FATS