451074661Holy smokes.  Say what you want about the band, but if you were anywhere near a radio in the 80s, Loverboy was all over it.  Hit after hit after hit, these rockers sold millions of records and conquered air waves for much of the decade.  Well, much of that success is down to this week’s guest on the podcast.  Mike Reno may have started his passion for music as a drummer, but he is best known for that voice, that swagger… that headband.  Loverboy is still at it, all these years later, and still pack em in at the concert halls.  It may not be your slice of cheese, but you can’t argue with those leather red pants.

We are super stoked to have this rock legend as part of the rockandrolljunkie podcast.  Gary just about shit his pants when we told him who the guest was this week.  As Fats has been out on assignment the last few weeks, ‘Sessions’ host and newest member of the podcast team, Cammy Landon, sits in on the mic for the intro with Dan.  He’s a bit of a daft bastard, but he’s got gumption.  If you’re like us and grew up in the 80s, this week is going to be fun – chalked full of synth, neon, and sleeze.  “….c’mon baby, let’s go!”


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