Heres some of the best band names out there today!

Dananananaykroyd sun7

Dananananaykroyd (say it with me, Dana-nana-naykroyd) are a six-piece indie-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 2006. They describe their sound as “fight pop”. Their name is a play on the name of Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd’s name. The band’s lineup consists of Duncan Robertson and David Roy on guitar, Laura Hyde on Bass, Calum Gunn doing vocals, John Baillie Jr working the drums and backup vocals and Paul Carlin also on drums.

Butthole Surfers sun

The Butthole Surfers are an American alternative rock band formed by Gibby Haynes and Paul Leary in San Antonio, Texas in 1981. The Buttholes are best known for their chaotic and disturbing live shows, black humor, a sound that incorporates elements of punk rock, psychedelia, heavy metal, noise rock, and electronica, as well as their use of sound manipulation and tape editing. The Buttholes have a well-reported appetite for recreational drugs, particularly psychedelics, and an evident influence on their sound.

The band did not begin as the Butthole Surfers, although they did have a song of that title, possibly an early version of 1984’s “Butthole Surfer”. This changed at their first paid concert, when an announcer forgot what the band was called and used the song title for the group’s name. They decided to keep the moniker, and have largely been billed as such ever since. The name has long been a source of trouble for the band. Many clubs, newspapers, radio, and TV stations refuse to print or mention their full name, and instead opted to use “B.H. Surfers”, or other abbreviations.

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganzasun2
The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza fit right in with today’s emerging hardcore/tech metal heroes.The schizophrenic high-end guitars provide a blanket of psychotic aural assault amidst massive, dense tech breakdowns that will have you slipping, sliding, and dancing every which way.

So where did the band’s name come from? “When we started out, all of our previous bands were really serious,” he said. “We decided to play whatever we wanted to play, and we all have a sense of humor; we’re not really serious guys. A lot of bands have these names that are all brutal, and really, these guys just grew up in the suburbs, and they still live at their mom and dad’s house while they’re on tour — bands with, like, the words ‘death’ and ‘blood’ in their names. We’re not like that. We called the band the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza because Tony Danza is pretty cheesy, and tap-dancing is pretty awesome.”

Test Iciclessun3
Test Icicles were a band from London, England primarily influenced by indie, hardcore and dance-punk, but containing musical elements from a variety of genres. The band was formed in 2004 by Rory Attwell (RAARY DECI-HELLS) and Sam Mehran (SAM E DANGER), and later joined by Devonte Hynes (DEVMETAL), who was originally invited to fill in at a performance in Brighton and afterward became a permanent member of the band. According to the label, the name “Test Icicles” is derived not from the word testicles but rather from an alleged practice of early man of “testing” icicles for strength and fitness for use as weapons. This, however, is extremely debatable — especially considering the fact that an earlier band featuring members of Test Icicles was named Balls.

In 2006, it was announced that once the band had finished their April tour of the UK, they were to go their separate ways. Some claim it transpired that the Test Icicles were in fact founded for a joke, dared into seeing how far they could get.

Gay for Johnny Deppsun5
Gay for Johnny Depp is a hardcore band formed in New York, USA. Members are: Sid Jagger (Joe Grillo), Marty Leopard (Arty Shepherd), Chelsea Piers, JJ Samanen. They are known for the lyrical content of their songs, which is often concerned with the band’s homoerotic obsession over the actor Johnny Depp.

Instead of featuring the usual biographical material, advance copies of the album sent to the media contained a highly explicit pornographic fan letter to actor Johnny Depp, purported to be written by someone simply known as ‘Brad’. This approach was in keeping with the band’s previous promotional material, which have included bottles of amyl nitrite, surgical rubber gloves, condoms, explicit homosexual photographs and further explicit letters from ‘Brad’.