The Kudzu Ranch is a full service recording studio owned by Mr. Rick Miller; better known as the lead picker, singer and white trash guru of Southern Culture on the Skids. The Ranch features both analog and digital formats, as well as one of the most laid-back and comfortable environments you’re going to find anywhere for recording.  And, being of the Southern ilk, Mr. Miller shows his hospitality by giving access to an array of vintage amps, guitars, effects and recording equipment.

guitarAs anyone who has seen Southern Culture on the Skids live knows, Rick Miller has an enormous collection of vintage guitars, many of which are available for use in recording at the Ranch. Fenders, Gibsons and Gretsch live side by side with vintage Airline, Danelectros and Teiscos, so come take your pick!

What vintage guitar collection would be complete without a boatload of vintage amps to go along with them? As with the guitars, the Ranch is happy to let you use any amp in the place. Heck, you can just line `em up and go down the line until you find one you like!

IMG_2300As with amps and guitars, a collection of effects live around the Ranch as well. Try out a classic reverb tank, delay, or any number of other effects, from classic to just plain krazy!

The Kudzu Ranch folks have a multitude of vintage mics and analogue equipment, as well as state of the art digital services.

DSCN0320Other instruments that call the Ranch home are drum kits, percussion playthings, organs and pianos, so feel free to add a little something extra at the last minute to your track!

For more info about having your outfit record at this fantastic studio, click here.