SongoftheDay: ALONE AGAIN OR (Love cover) by CALEXICO

One of my favorite bands over the past 10 years has easily been Calexico.  Through listening to this band, I have stepped outside my normal ‘comfort’ zone of music buying, allowed for a more Americana tone, and have learned about a few greats that should have been on my radar long before they were.  One of the great, legendary bands is Love.  What a fucking band that is.  So good.  Well, one of the ways I got turned on to Love was through a cover Calexico did of Alone Again Or, a true Love classic.  As we have been speaking with The Spaghetti Family this week from Austin, it only seems fitting that this SongoftheDay be that brilliant Love song covered by Calexico from Austin.  Just perfect. – FATS

SongoftheDay:  ALONE AGAIN OR (Love cover) by CALEXICO