I must say, I completely agree with Jessika Daly, wife of Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti and mother of 3, when she and Dan spoke about the rotten clothing available for young children today.  Nope, not all kids are going to grow up to be bankers and wear khakis.  Nope, sandals and socks should not be taught to kids when they are toddlers.  So, with this in mind, Jessika (or JD as she goes by sometimes) took it upon herself to design some pretty sweet duds for her own kids.  I guess this turned into an internet business, and giddyup, now your kid can have them too.  Going under the moniker YourMom206, JD started off by taking a pile of Eddie’s old rock shirts, cutting the shit out of them, and making some pretty sweet clothes for kids.  Now, there is whole line of clothes available for kids who think being a princess means more than simply being pink.   Hey mom’s and dad’s out there – Barbie and Ken can fuck right off – your kids don’t need that shit piled on them – some kids just wanna rock!  If you think this makes sense to you, as it does to us, check out this wonderful line of kids clothes here.