(Well, well, well.  Apparently this is old news, but Jonathon Nolan, brother of that Nolan who made those great Batman films and such, is working with HBO to adapt one of the greatest sci-fi stories of all time for television.  If this wasn’t HBO I’d say stop now, you can’t succeed such a daunting task, but those fuckers at HBO can do anything.  I’m still holding judgement on this, the same way I’m holding judgment of ever seeing a proper film adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, but am super hopeful now that I know HBO and Nolan have hooked up on this project.  Pretty fucking sweet, indeed.  Here’s a bit more info about this fantastic series of books, by a true fucking genius in Asimov. – FATS)

The Foundation series is a science fiction series by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty years, the series was a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation. It won the one-time Hugo Award for “Best All-Time Series” in 1966. Asimov began adding to the series in 1981, with two sequels: Foundation’s Edge, Foundation and Earth, and two prequels: Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation. The additions made reference to events in Asimov’s Robot and Empire series, indicating that they were also set in the same fictional universe.

The premise of the series is that the mathematician Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept of mathematical sociology. Using the laws of mass action, it can predict the future, but only on a large scale. Seldon foresees the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way, and a dark age lasting 30 thousand years before a second great empire arises. Seldon also foresees an alternative where the interregnum will last only one thousand years. To ensure the more favorable outcome, Seldon creates a foundation of talented artisans and engineers at the extreme end of the galaxy, to preserve and expand on humanity’s collective knowledge, and thus become the foundation for a new galactic empire.