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420 card [october2014]-01The DaVinci Ascent is one of the newest vaporizers to hit the market. It comes in four colors (three pictured above and the new “Carbon Fiber” model). And, like the original DaVinci, the Ascent can be used while charging and has precise, exact temperature control.

One thing this unit boasts over its predecessor is the all glass vapor pathway, providing better flavor than the previous model.

DV-A2The stem is pulled out of the top of the unit to the desired length and your material is placed in the bottom. This unit can also do concentrates on its own, using the can/cup you see in the picture on the bottom right along with the open chamber.

Because this unit uses convection only, the vapor is nearly as pure as that of the Arizer Solo. However, because this unit is about the size of a smartphone, it is much more portable. The herb chamber of this unit is also much larger than the Solo’s.

DVA2You can also buy two different styles of water pipe adapters for the Ascent, both a straight water tool and a j-bend water tool.

With the price coming in at $250, this unit is at the top tier for prices on the vape market. However, the quality you get for the money is well worth it.

imagesIt is worth noting that DaVinci had some trouble early on with off-gassing in the Ascent, but those issues have since been fixed and you should have no problems with any unit you buy from them now (If you do, they replace it for free. They have great customer service).

Overall, if you’re looking for a high end vaporizer that is more portable than the Solo, has great flavor, can be used while charging, and has exact temperature control, get the DaVinci Ascent.