Vertigo Records Album Review: FIGHT FOR YOURSELF by ZEX


vertigologo2011Being a major fan of the folks over at Vertigo Records, and knowing that m’man Darin over there is the D in Uncle D, I really do my damnedest to put my goof meter to it’s lowest setting when dealing with bands he’s associated with.  From the bottom of my heart, I really want to like Zex.  Yup, they have the look.  Sure, the guitar playing sounds like some old school thrash, at times.  And hey, having a female vocalist never hurts, from an aesthetic point of view.  I know you’re all saying ‘go fuck yourself, you fat fuck’, and maybe I should, but at the end of the day, 10 or so listens in, Fight For Yourself is a pretty boring record.  Before you all start crunching PBR cans and sharpening your switchblades, hear me out.

I blame the Sex Pistols.

ZexBandWatching footage of those loogans running amok acting like Malcolm’s Muppets, I could always smell a rat.  That band was nothing more than The Monkeys or Menudo wrapped up in sweat and incompetence.  Sid Vicious could never play the bass, ever.  Maybe it’s the pool-side party pop tone of Fight For Yourself, or the repetitive vocal melody, but if you add the clothes the band is wearing, it all seems like an act to me.  Maybe I’m getting too old to review new punk stuff, but if you dressed like that in my day, the music you played was hard as nails and you spit venom all of the time.  The band looks pretty young, and maybe life hasn’t been lived enough to not only hate but find it impossible to hide that rage.  With the utmost respect, I’ve heard of the recent loss of their drummer.  I’ve had a few pals leave us like this.  I still really miss them.  I’m also still very angry with them, and have used that anger in many of the songs I’ve written with bands.  Zex are a good group of talented folks, and fuck me if they don’t put on a great live show, but I need them to harness some hate and rage into their records.  Fight For Yourself is the kind of record I’d want at a pool party while we all have a good time and eat BBQ and shit like that.  By all means go out and support a band that has the balls to get out and tour the world like Zex does, but this style of monotone, straight ahead punk rock Zex wants to play needs a significant increase in rage for me to really get behind it.  I do not hate this record by any means, but felt it a bit boring.  It needs more hate. – FATS

Zex – “Fight for Yourself” Uncle D Records / Capitalicide