It’s all about character development.  That one factor is why television has been better in the last 10 years than it has ever been.  There are so many good television shows on cable television like HBO, Showtime, Channel 4, BBC, and AMC.  Now Netflix is pulling its weight as well with smash hits like the fantastic remake of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.  Again, it’s all about character development.  The ability to be able to take 10 hours to tell a story versus a measly 2 hours in a movie format is what makes some of these television mega hits roar.  And, with Netflix releasing full seasons all at once, you can easily binge a season in a weekend if you so choose.  This is what I have done with the Marvel/Netflix release of Daredevil.

Finally, someone has made a comic book show for nerds like me.  Yes, I’m a bit of a geek; a geek about everything I like.  I call it passion, some call it being a nerd.  I get into what I love and want more and more of it.  This being said, I have always been a fan of the superhero movie, and have taken what I could get, even though much of it is significantly more PG-13 than I have ever wanted it.  None of the comics I loved as a kid were ever PG-13 in my head, so why should I have to put up with that at the movie theater?  Well, not anymore.

9DyvWJ476fExIn a seriously brilliant move, Marvel has teamed up with Netflix, the online subscription TV supergiants, to bring us Daredevil, and holy fuck it’s violent and dark.  Being the first season, you can expect a bit of back story and early, non-costume bits, but I just love how this rendition has Matt Murdock getting his ass kicked by filthy bad guys sans costume for almost the entire season.  It’s those ass kickings that are your first clue to how good this production is.  The fight scenes are not anything like an Avengers film.  We all know that if one guy walks into a room of 10 thugs, he’d better have some serious fighting skills to take them out, especially if that one guy happens to be blind.  In the past, we would get a blur of super fighting with the hero defeating his foes with utter simplicity.  Heck, he’s a superhero don’t ya know.  With this production of Daredevil, it seems a bit more real.  I mean, yeah, the dude is blind and can hear badguy heartbeats to tell if they’re lying or not, so realism is somewhat skewed, but the fight scenes are full of blood and guts, highlighted by a rather disturbing car door beheading.  Yeah, took the fuckers head off with a car door.  You ain’t gonna get that at an IMAX Avengers birthday party.

daredevilThe show still has it’s quirky antics that a good comic book story should have.  With characters like Foggy Nelson, there is still that comic relief, but the majority of this series if dark and ugly.  Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) is ridiculously good.  I’ve loved that actor since he told me about the world was shit and blew his brains all over a barracks bathroom.  I think what the real story here is how Marvel is trying to create what some are calling the Marvel Ecosystem; a world of entertainment where Marvel takes each medium of broadcasting, fills it with what the demographics want, and rules the fucking planet doing so.  Let me say this; please give me more of my favorite uber-violent comic book stories over a medium that allows for the kind of violence and language we saw with shows like Deadwood and The Wire and Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.  Yeah, shit like that, please.  You have done a great job with Daredevil, and I look forward to the few other Marvel/Netflix productions that are already in the works.  Give me more! – FATS

Marvel’s Daredevil – Official Trailer – Netflix


p.s.  Apparently, there was a bit of a SNAFU where Netflix did not release Daredevil with an audio description feature for blind folks who want to enjoy the show.  Oh, the irony.  It now seems this has been rectified after many complaints.  Well, this is the only complaint I’ve heard about this show, and I’m glad blind people can enjoy the show about the guy that has powers they’ll probably never have.  Please, all our blind friends out there… don’t try the fighting described in this show.  There’s only one Matt Murdock, and he takes a right bloody fucking beating (and stabbing) in this show.