I have had the pleasure to see both D.O.A. and Nomeansno a few times live, with most of the shows being in small enough clubs that the shows were pretty intimate and violent all at the same time.  For some, the drastic difference in technical sound of these bands turns them away from each other, but I like violence anyway you swing it.  As a pretty big fan of jazz and prog, Nomeansno takes the math rock and makes it all stabby.  I love that.  D.O.A. just starts spitting and doesn’t stop until everyone is acting like rabid dogs looking for blood.  With both bands living out on the left coast of Canada, seeing them play together must have been a regular occurrence, but that wasn’t the case here in the center of the country.  I’m sure the room would get real sweaty when these two collided together for a show.  Wicked!