I’ve had the extreme pleasure of seeing both Southern Culture on the Skids and Slim Cessna’s Auto Club live in concert, and each of these bands bring their A-Game each and every night.  In fact, these two bands easily sit in my top 5 live shows to be seen in a club list.  Getting the chance to see them both on the same stage on the same night would probably be the end of my liver.  Good Lord that would be awesome.  Well, it’s happened on more than one occasion that these two powerhouse live acts have lit stages ablaze with their right fucking awesomeness!  This week’s Classic Gig Poster features one of those killer nights.  I have no idea when this show was, but seeing that both bands are alive and well (and still touring), it is always a possibility to have it happen again in a town close to you.  Fuck’n Right! – FATS