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420 card [october2014]-01The Pax 2 by Ploom, the Apple product of the vaporizer world, has a price tag to match an Apple product. This unit, featured in the four colors above, comes in at $279.99 and is currently only available from a few vendors.

It is highly recommended that you buy from a licensed distributor, because Ploom will NOT offer a warranty unless bought from a licensed dealer (this is due to the company not being able to secure a patent for their design, leading to Chinese companies making near identical copies). If it does not cost $270 or more, it is probably fake.

This vaporizer is small, sleek, and highly portable. It is shorter than the height of a smartphone and half as wide (but it is twice as thick). This makes the unit easily pocket-able and easy to transport.
pax-ii_colorsThe way this unit works is you load the oven on the bottom of the unit with your material of choice, pop the oven lid back on, then push the top of the mouthpiece to turn the unit on.

Then, you’ll see a pulsing purple light, which indicates that the unit is on. To change the temperature setting , you simply hold down the mouth piece, which will bring you to the temp settings, which you just click through to change.

To get back to the heating setting, just hold down the top of the mouth piece again until the purple LED lights return.

There are four temperature settings, ranging from 370⁰F (you will see a yellow color in the top left LED on the “X” on the front of the unit) and the highest temp being 410⁰F (red color illuminating the four LED’s in the “X”).

i-tested-the-brand-new-pax-2-vaporizer-it-s-gloriousThere’s no real “technique” to hitting this vape, you just take a long, slow draw and you’re done. The best way to hit it is to passively inhale, just breath in slowly, versus sucking hard as you would through a pipe. There is some draw resistance with this vape, but it helps to aid vapor production.

This unit also has one of the largest ovens on the vaporizer market, (20% deeper in the Pax 2 than the original) and it needs to be packed tightly to work optimally. The best way to conserve your material is to use the Pax screen trick, which you can see in the video below. This trick allows you to get most of your material on the surface area of the oven, allowing you to use 0.1 grams versus up to 0.5:

PAX vaporizer by Ploom – How to efficiently vape


This unit is very simple to use, and because Ploom removed the activation switch under the mouthpiece, the Pax no longer has to be cleaned as frequently.

It will take you time to get the hang of cleaning it, but after the first few cleanings it should only take you around five minutes. Here is a great video demonstration showing you how to best clean the original Pax, which is very similar to how you clean the Pax 2 (just skip the mouth piece parts of this video):

How To Clean The Pax Vaporizer & Apply Mouthpiece Lubricant


Overall, this is the best stealth vape on the market. If stealth and “not looking suspicious” are a must for your vaporizer needs, and you want something a little more high-tech, the Pax 2 is unparalleled. If you don’t mind spending the extra cash, it’s well worth it and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s good to note that the Pax 2 can be a pretty smelly vape on heat up, so stick to the lower settings when vaping in public.